Track Title: I'm Already Gone

Artist: A Day To Remember

Album: Common Courtesy
 a day to remember - i'm already gone

and i'm, i'm already gone,
i'm already something to
someone, that i don't know,
when will i know?


Well, the doctors are not right always ;)

It’s official Taryn.

Anonymous asked:"You need to update the relationship list :)"


Done :)

Can I please get Eve/Sami on the page? :)


occ: can i txt eve the joke?

ooc; I won’t get it. My brain is dead lol.



ooc great looks like another sleepless night for me. Thank you kids.

occ: Where’s punk? i have a joke for him

ooc: Nowhere. I am dead I am not loging off just to bring Punk. Have some mercy.

ooc great looks like another sleepless night for me. Thank you kids.

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"Don’t you know by now that I am not like other girls, baby? Don’t ever label me according to other girls, I am so much more." Eve teased him. When he canceled the kiss, Eve had to gasp for air. "That was way better." She smiled, her heartbeat still being too fast.

"Yeah I do but I never really figured out your type but I guess now we’re together your type is me and I’m ginger and your former was ginger so me being stupid I put two and two together and came up with the unknown fact that you have a thing for ginger guys." He laughed. When she spoke he smiled "Seriously though thank you for letting me live with you in a house like yours because holy crap its amazing!" He continued smiling and sat back up.

"I understand where you are coming from, I am just saying that you should not label me like the other girls. You’ll learn with time that sometimes I am simply unpredictable." She laughed with him. "I know, right? I love the new house as well!"



ooc; lol good that the sea is from my place three hours away then!!! Wait a minute, did you find the job you were looking for?

ooc;yes,i did :) since here not everybody speaks English and there are a lot of ferry which bring the cars to the islands,so basically I help the tourists buy their tickets and help them which ferry they have to take :)

ooc; great!! :))) Proud of you babes :)